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this is how I come and go
with ghosts for memories and memories for ghosts
my purse, which can also be used as a weapon 
4th-Feb-2005 09:02 am
Phone Post
I say that so often that I'm getting a bit restless. Although many purses (or bags, as some call them) may be used as defense mechanisms, mine are a cut above the rest. Currently I'm on #4, and my accessory arsenal continues to grow. But still no pursings to report! There has been mention of pursable offenses, however no-one seems to make good on their threats. Bastards.

I want to use my purse as a weapon! I know it all sounds very violent. That's because it is. But you should see these babies. They have metal parts! Combination locks and keys! Straps and handles enabling one to 'handily' switch between close-up _and_ perimeter defense/offense positions!

I should upload photos. Next up - my cd case, which can also be used as a weapon.
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