this is how I come and go

with ghosts for memories and memories for ghosts

14 July
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Greetings, I am echo. (Known to some as 'echolalia' & 'e', among others.
As the Queen of Supererogation, I cannot make
a short story short - which is fine with me because
you love to hear myself speak (or see myself type).
However, I suffer from a severe case of
paranoia, OCD, anxiety problems, and worst of all-
I am a hypocrite. I also have bouts of
severe depression, wherein I (somehow) actually believe everyone else is better than me.
Fear not, for this isn't true. I am a multi-talented eccentric princess who is witty, clever, beautiful (inside AND out), very strong and...
to knock anybody out who disagrees! I just might have to use "The Mackey Method" on you for other violations.

Post.Script. I dig sarcasm and cannot come up with a suitable mini-bio for myself.

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e = echo = Princess Paradox. she is an obsessive compulsive soft-spoken loudmouth. an anti-social recluse who\'s life is more fascinating than yours. a chatterbox - supererogation is what she's all about. the ultimate hypocrite, e does a bang-up job of not practicing what she preaches. and she will shush you in a movie theater.
Strengths: 99.5% guarantee that she can judge a person's character accurately during first contact (of any sort); intelligent, funny, good listener and wields THE PURSE.
Weaknesses: Hypocrite, thinks she's better than everyone else, thinks she's worse than everyone else, always on the phone (who'd have though?), though these might not actually be weaknesses...
Special Skills: Armchair Psychologist, Expert in Human Behaviour, E-Z PASS Violation Specialist.
Weapons: The PURSE, the boots, phone books, gorilla punches... and also: ECHO IS A WEAPON.
Ms. Lighter Collector: "In other words, I couldn't be bothered."

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